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Cool Creations designs, manufactures and supplies bags, linen, kitchen items, clothing, patches and much more. The uniqueness of the Cool Creations products are not only in their purposeful designs, but the exceptional exquisite and beautiful embroidery, decorating the various products.

You can visit the general Cool Creations site at http://coolcreations.dieknoop.info/map.htm for information on the various products, but for the most up to date information and buying online, please use our Cool Creations Shop.

A large collection of exquisite designs and patterns are already available at the Cool Creations Shop at Designs, but you wil also find some more pictures and examples for designs in the Cool Creations Picture Library at Embroideryland at: http://borduurland.arkpark.info/prente-e.htm

Try our Value Packs in combination packs. Excellent value for money!  Also keep an eye on our Seasonal Specials for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day of Father's Day.



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