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Looking for a very neat type of embroidery design? Cool Creations has an extensive collection of designs to choose form. Your item will look just perfect! Apart from the usual letters in many types of font, to personalize or customize a product, a profusion of pictures, in the diverse Cool Creations collection, are available. The Cool Creations range will please even the most cantankerous person's choice with one or more of the excellent designs. The exquisite design scope includes the most petite and dainty little images to bold, comical and colourful patterns with flair.

Many themes are included. Here are only a few examples: abstract designs in bold and contrasting colors, African art, appealing baby themes, variegated flowers, musical instruments including a harp and elegant and refined Christian themes such as angels, prayers and crosses.

Cool Creations' series also includes a large variety of animals, for example funny bears in their perky little bikinis, fluffy bunnies, dolphins and frogs, ducks, animated butterflies, beautiful bright coloured birds and horses. Charming cherished pets such as puppies, kittens and the cutest mice are on the list. Wild animals such as lions and tigers, elephants, warthogs, antelope and giraffes are all included in the collection.

The sets also includes dragons and fairies, sea shells, hearts, flamboyant clowns and adorable dolls, stationery and sport items, bows, transport, fruit, cartoon characters and lots more.

Cool Creations also supplies embroidered logos to businesses on for example uniforms and overalls. In addition, we render a service to schools, sport teams, scout groups and clubs by supplying emblems on school jackets or on sport jerseys or T-shirts. You may also like to have a look at the Cool Creation Patches.

When you have chosen your picture design, you may also like to personalized the item by including a name. The inclusion of an embroidered name is free on most products and such letters are obtainable in many font types.

Do you have a guesthouse, inn, restaurant or similar accommodations or service? Cool Creations can personalize the serviettes, table cloths, towels, face cloths and other linen such as pillowcases and sheets.

Would you like to have your embroidered business logo, business name or trademark on the product you buy? If you send us a clear images via email, the logo, name of trademark can be digitized. The cost is R200 for the digitizing service.

Please note, the sizes of all smaller embroidery designs for decorations are a maximum of 10 cm x 10 cm in proportion, including numbers and letters and logos or badges. The number of free designs per product are given at the individual product information.

Recently Cool Creations also added beautiful larger designs (10 cm x 17 cm) to the collections. The larger designs are only applicable to some of the products. Read more at Larger Designs.

Cool Creations do not quote for embroidery work by the number of stitches, but just per design. That saves a lot!

Follow any of the links below to see more of the full range of many smart designs.

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Art and Music...This theme includes the following:

Christian Art...This theme includes the following:

Events...This theme includes the following:

Fantasyland...This theme includes the following:

Foodstuffs...This theme includes the following:

Items...This theme includes the following:

Larger Designs 10 cm x 17 cm (Various themes)

Marine life...This theme includes the following:

Name and Letters...This theme includes the following:

Nature...This theme includes the following:

People...This theme includes the following:

Sports...This theme includes the following:


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