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Cool Creations presents a lovely font collection.

Not only can the name or surname be added to decorate the product, other letters or figures can be embroidered on the product, for example ABC or an interesting slogan can be applied for decorative purposes. Words may be added to the chosen design such as a city, town or place name on for example stickers.

Visit any of the links below to have a look at the available fonts, names or slogans or designs with text included.

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Design: Animals>Insects>Bees - Bee with honey pot
Design: Bee with honey pot Bee with a red honey pot and the words "Be my Honey" also in..
Design: Animals>Wild Animals>Mice - Mouse ballet
Design: Mouse ballet The most adorable little mouse wearing a pink and yellow tutu decorated with..
Design: Items>Toys>Teddy Bears - Teddy with candle
Design: Teddy and Oupa se skat A teddy bear with a pink and purple gown and pink slippers and pin..
Design: Names and Letters - Additional Name or Surname
Design: Additional Names or Surnames (per product) When you have chosen your picture design, you ..
Design: Numbers (Double Digit Numbers)
Design: Double digit numbers (per product) For all double digit numbers e.g. 23, 45, 66 and so on..
Design: Numbers (Single Digit)
Design: Single digit numbers (per product) For all single digit numbers e.g. 1, 2, 3 and so on to..
Design: Numbers (Triple Digit)
Design: Triple digit numbers For all triple digit numbers e.g. 207, 304, 444 and so on to be embr..
Design: Slogan (per word)
Choose a witty slogan Various proverbs or slogans are already available but can also be created u..
Product: Bags>Handbags - Vanity or Cosmetic Bag (Yellow fish)
Vanity, cosmetic or bathroom bags Description: A toiletry or cosmetic bag comes in handy..

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